“I am feeling fabulous. Whatever you do works for me. No doubt I’ll be back for a service when the wheels gets wobbly again. Thank you. I give my full recommendation to anyone that will listen.”

“I just want to say thank you so much for everything you have done for me. You came into my life at a time where I didn’t know I needed you and it was the best thing that ever happened. You have helped me go within myself and those I never thought I could. I can’t thank you enough for taking me through this journey and making me a better person.”

“I’m so glad that you have now gone online so we can still have sessions when needed. Even though they are run a little differently I still get the same information I need from them.”

“I feel a true peace tonight and am hopeful for the future for the first time in years – thank you so much”

“Suffering anxiety and panic attacks related to workplace bullying was consuming my life. I felt the person I had become was a person I no longer liked. I was recommended by a medium to see a Kinesiolgist and Heidi’s name was provided to me. After one session with Heidi I found that my anxiety was real and that my body needed some fine tuning and flower essence to clear it of bad energy. I have seen Heidi for four sessions now and feel like the old me is back. I cannot thank Heidi enough for getting me to where I am today.”

“Heidi is the best Kinesiologist I’ve ever been to. Three weeks ago I was highly stressed and anxious. After 2 sessions I felt the best I had in 12 months. I had my 3rd session tonight and finally feel like myself again. Thank you Heidi for making such a difference, I feel positive and happy again. Highly recommend.”

“Heidi is amazing! She knows what she is doing and is really connected in with what’s going on, is compassionate and gets to the point! Sessions with Heidi have helped me gain clarity and growth in both my business and in my personal life. I would definitely recommend working with Heidi.”

“I’ve found equilibrium kinesiology to be invaluable not only for myself but also my son. He has Level 2 Autism and was having difficulty regulating his emotions, anxiety, learning difficulties, digestive problems and more. He doesn’t warm to people easily however Heidi immediately made him feel calm and relaxed with her warm, friendly and caring nature. She explained things in a way he could understand and even made their sessions fun! In a short space of time I witnessed so many positive changes in him. He did better in school, his communication improved, he’s more focused and overall much calmer. I’ve been having sessions myself related to childhood trauma, limiting beliefs and pain from a car accident. Heidi has worked closely with me and I’ve noticed positive changes in all areas, beyond my expectations. I recommend equilibrium kinesiology to anyone wanting to see positive changes in their lives and wanting to work with someone who has a true passion for what she does.”

“Heidi is my Aunty, and she helped me to feel better about running for school captain at my school through kinesiology. She also helped me choose some crystals to make it easier. I would definitely recommend her.”
Mia, aged 11

“Heidi is not only skilled in her modality but she is also a lovely warm and caring lady. I was amazed at how much she helped me with in such a short period of time. She had uncovered my biggest emotional issue within minutes of starting our first session, using muscle testing and my life is forever improved thank to her prompt clearing of this – priceless work and for such reasonable rates! I would highly, highly recommend everyone to try at least one session with Heidi

“I attended kinesiology with some scepticism but after one session my back pain was greatly reduced. The whole experience was a little strange but its definitely opened my mind and body to new ways of healing. Heidi is professional in her approach and very caring. Highly recommend this service.”

“After working with a physiotherapist/kinesiology practitioner for close to a year for a problem with jaw pain, I went to see Heidi. She not only dealt with the pain in the session but also gave me a way to address the pain myself if it reoccurred. This self-treatment has been surprisingly effective and I have been essentially pain free since.”

“After not knowing much about kinesiology and seeing the positive effects it had on my wife, I went to see Heidi about my concerns with my fitness training and losing weight. After one kinesiology session, cutting out certain foods and the flower essences both recommended by Heidi I have lost 10 kilos and am sleeping so much better. I have noticed a positive transition into the new me and can thank Heidi for her session in getting me to my weight and fitness goal.”

“When our 5 year daughter began to complain of belly pain after eating and developed light purple rings underneath her eyes it was time to investigate. We booked in for a session with Heidi and in one session she ascertained that Alexandra had an intolerance to gluten. Heidi suggested a workable plan that entailed some modifications to Alexandra’s diet. Eight weeks on we’ve noticed no more purple rings under Alexandra’s eyes and she no longer complains of belly pain. Thankyou Heidi, you have really helped us immensely with finding out the cause of our daughter’s ailments.”
Alexandra’s Mother and Father

“As a parent of an 8 month old child suffering from reflux problems I decided to start looking at alternative therapies to assist with this. We came across Heidi who completed an amazing kinesiology session on our 8 month old baby using me (his mother) as the host for the session. With one session and a suggested change in our baby’s diet he no longer suffers from reflux. Heidi, through your kinesiology session you’ve allowed us to have sleep-filled nights and a baby that is much more content. Thank you so much..”
Oliver’s Mother and Father

“My back is a thousand times better! Thank you very much for working on it for me. You are truly amazing!”

“All I can say is ‘wow’. After seeing Heidi I just walked around Cleveland twice today with no back pain. I have not been able to do that for 3 years. I do not know how it works but it feels like something has changed in me and I am super excited to see what happens in the future.”

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