About me…

I hold a Certificate IV and a Diploma in Kinesiology. I’m also a certified Neural Organisation Technique (NOT) Practitioner.

I knew little about kinesiology until I experienced it first hand, with inspiring results. I’d had a water skiing accident about 20 years prior and suffered back pain ever since.  Regular chiropractic and osteopath treatments provided relief however I was finding I needed treatments at increasing intervals. At the suggestion of a friend I tried kinesiology, approaching it with an open yet somewhat sceptical and wary mind. The Kinesiologist didn’t even touch my back yet I walked away with no pain. I was impressed but wondered how long the benefits would last – I haven’t had that back pain since. 

Inspired, I started studying kinesiology and continue to be amazed at what it can achieve. It operates on the premise that your emotions and emotional trauma can and will impact you, not just mentally and emotionally but physically and other ways. Kinesiology has a holistic focus which resonates with me. It’s similar to a counselling session with a physical balance as well. 

My aim is to assist you to bring your body, mind and energy into a healthy balance/equilibrium, so you too can experience the positive effects kinesiology can have on your life.

I look forward to working with you.