Distance/remote healing, kinesiology balances online and animals…
What is distance or remote healing?
It’s similar to a kinesiology balance in person but I do it remotely i.e. you’re not in clinic with me. We can do distance balances online (i.e. you’re present for the session via Zoom/Face Time or phone) or I can do it for you without your physical or online presence. You simply give me the relevant information about the issue/s and what you’re aiming to achieve and I do the kinesiology balance for you using a surrogating technique. You still receive all the benefits and I’ll email you the notes and details of what came up for your information. Distance kinesiology balances are particularly beneficial for those with mobility issues who find it difficult getting out to access services as well as those that find coming to clinic stressful (e.g. anxiety, autism etc). It’s also convenient if you live far away or have a busy schedule and difficulty finding time for a kinesiology balance. Distance and online balances are $120 per session. 
Are online balances available?
Yes, online balances and distance balances are always available for those that prefer or need them. Just let me know at the time of booking if you’d prefer your balance to be online or distance.
How does an online or distance kinesiology balance work?
An online kinesiology balance looks and feels much the same as a balance in clinic, just instead of being face to face in clinic with me, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home and seeing and talking to me on your phone/iPad/computer screen. Phone is fine however I do recommend some form of video link (e.g. Zoom) so we can see each other. Visual contact will help you to follow the session and enable you to see the corrections to do them on yourself as well. I’ll talk you through which points to rub or hold on your body and you’ll also be able to see any flower essences, crystals or cards that are relevant to your balance. I can also text or email these to you if required A distance balance works in much the same way. You let me know via phone/text or email the issue/s you’re having and what you’re aiming to achieve and I do the balance for you using a surrogating technique. Meanwhile you are going about your normal life and routine and receiving all the benefits of the kinesiology balance. I’ll email you the notes and any relevant images or information that comes up during the balance for your information.
How can you muscle test me online or by distance?
I’ll use a technique called ‘surrogating’ whereby, with your permission, I’ll surrogate for you and muscle test on your behalf. This may sound odd, I know, but it’s a common technique in the kinesiology world and one I use often, even when you’re in clinic with me. It is a safe technique to use and one that allows you to keep receiving the benefits of kinesiology from a distance. 
Do you balance animals as well?
Yes, I do balance animals. I do this via distance/remote healing. The animal doesn’t need to be present for the session – you can either come in and surrogate for them or you can send me a photo of them along with the information (i.e. what is going and what you’d like to change/work on) and I’ll do a distance/remote session for them using a surrogating technique. They’ll get all the benefits and I’ll email you the notes and details of what came up for your information and reference.  Animal balances are $120 per session.